The 18th Youth Infringement Theatre Festival ran from May 10th to 14th at the Arts Court Theatre. The audience choice award was given to Put Your Entire First in my Mouth: A Love(?) Story

Photo by Allan Mackey

Photo by Allan Mackey

Put My Entire Fist In Your Mouth: A Love(?) Story by Matt Hertendy

Director: Madison Jollife

Assistant Director: Ana Roman

Actors: Ian Gillies, Lyla Colavecchia

Photo by Allan Mackey

Photo by Allan Mackey

Misery by Dave Coleman

Director: Victoria Ricciardelli

Stage Manager: Claire McCraken

Actors: David “Thor” Coleman, Trevor Osborne, Stephanie Manwell, Andrew Sawyer, Rebecca Nicholson, Carl Cochero

Photo by Allan Mackey

Photo by Allan Mackey

Guy’s Night by Sam Radford

Director: David Hania

Stage Manager: Jason Hopkins

Actors: Ian Gillies, Wes Davies, Arbar Rahman, Jakub Widnicki, Trevor Osborne

Photo by Allan Mackey

Photo by Allan Mackey

My Psychosis by Rebecca Mcdonald

Director: Brittany Johnson

Assistant Director: Stephanie Osei-Prempeh

Stage Manager: Sophie McIntosh

Actors: Emma Hickey, Madison Bateman, Virginie Charland


Boxed In by Madison Bateman

Director: Emi Lanthier

Stage Manager: Caterina Fiorindi

Charlotte Weeks


30:2 by Tamsin Andrews

Director: Kevin DaPonte

Assistant Director: Jared Devries

Stage Manager: Irfan Manji

Actors: Olivia Tilley, Dave Coleman, Cynthia Guard, Andrew Sawyer, Sam Randazzo, Emma Hickey