The 19th Youth Infringement Theatre Festival ran from May 10th to 14th, 2017 at the Arts Court Theatre. The AUDIENCE CHOICE award was given to The Battle for Grace!

Photo by Sherif Shaker

Photo by Sherif Shaker


At what point is it okay to walk away from someone you love? With home
lives that are less than ideal, best friends Darcy and Grace have been
each other's support system since they were little girls. But when
Grace is pulled down a dangerous path by a well-intentioned, but less
than helpful fairy godmother, Darcy must make a heart wrenching
decision: which is more important – Grace's well-being or her own?

Director: Conor Bradshaw

Stage Manager: Chelsea MacKay

Actors: Vanessa Morris, Robyn Bull, Emily Ramsdale

Photo by Sherif Shaker

Photo by Sherif Shaker

The Man in the coat by iain burge

Breakfast for dinner. Factory work. Drinks with friends. Routine
checkups. The life of every person is a myriad of twists and turns.
The only thing that is ever constant is one simple truth: Being
someone else is impossible. Being yourself is insane.

Director: Ian Gillies

Stage Manager: Nanda Rengel

Actors: Casey Beynon, Mary Sword, Jaquie Sheppard, Kim Beauchamp, Sarah Kern

Photo by Sherif Shaker

Photo by Sherif Shaker

SO you're south african, eh? by priyanka gopalkista

One Indian Girl, 2 perspectives. She talks you through a journey of
her upbringing in South Africa, mostly her distinctive memories.
However, in years to come, she has lived in a part of Canada, that
even most of Canadians are not entirely familiar with; Labrador City
Newfoundland. In a matter of years, Ottawa becomes her new living
space. The experience of both worlds, finds a way to mold her choices,
her perspectives, and her identity.

Director: Madison Bateman

Stage Manager: Franco Pang

Actors: Priyanka Gopalkista, Perushka Gopalkista

Photo by Sherif Shaker

Photo by Sherif Shaker

GARDEN PAINS by erin vandenberg

Walt and Norma, a couple trapped in an irreversibly damaged marriage,
begin a bitter argument over tulips in their lawn- Walt wants them
gone, Norma adores them. Walt confides in his colleague, and Norma
watches the argument with her husband escalate as tulips begin to
disappear, one by one, from the couple's garden. But danger threatens
to bloom in the lawn, as the tulips are revealed to be much more
sentient than they appear to be...

Director: Carley Richards

Stage Manager: Eden Patterson

Assistant Director: Stephanie Prempeh

Actors: TJ Wong, Mary Sword, Joshua Carroll, Caitlin Hart, Letycia Henriques, Andrew Kellie, Dana Burmaster, Kevin MacDonald, Carrie Anthony, Eric Lavigne, Eric Bertrand

Photo by Sherif Shaker

Photo by Sherif Shaker

The dead dream graveyard by conor bradshaw

The Dead Dream Graveyard is a cemetery where figments of abandoned dreams lay to rest: Josephine is the brassy, sharp tongued diva a dissatisfied woman once fantasized she'd become. James and Mona are the amorous and devoted couple their son once wished they could become again. Meg is a lost and lonely dream who claims not to know her reason for being in this strange and mystical place. But when newcomer Tom arrives to join this dysfunctional assortment of spirits, Meg may discover in him all the answers she didn't realize she'd been looking for.

Director: Victoria Leda Ricciardelli

Stage Manager: Olivia Tilley

Actors: Sine Robinson, Jack Daniels, Alex Hankelman, Kosta Diochnos

Photo by Sherif Shaker

Photo by Sherif Shaker

39 Blyth Blvd. by cullen Mcgrail

There are eleven people that call 39 Blythe Blvd their home. Eleven
different people with eleven different footsteps, and Mrs. M knows
them all. As the proprietor of 39 Blythe Blvd, it is her job–nay–her
duty, to maintain the safety and security of everyone under her roof.
When one of the tenants doesn't leave the building for eleven days,
MRS. M's adventure begins.

Director: Izzie Solis-Lozano

Stage Manager: William Verreault Milner

Actors: Sarah Thuswaldner, Andrew Foster