Festival 2018

The 20th Youth Infringement Theatre Festival ran from May 9th to 13th at the Arts Court Theatre. The AUDIENCE CHOICE award was given out to Jimmy?!


Jimmy? by Cullen Mcgrail

In the world of organized crime, loyalty and fear are what keeps the Boss in power, but they manifest in many different ways. This is what Alice Britt finds out when she is brought to the penthouse of the most dangerous man in America and asked to clear the air about a man named Jimmy. As the powers in the room struggle around her, the line between doing what’s right and what’s honourable become just as lost as what’s natural and supernatural.

Director: Franco Pang
Stage Manager: Shreyas Batra
Costume Designer: Shannon Martel Perry
Actors: Andrew Kellie, Tristan Wong, and Meg Sutton


The Toast With The Most by Jacob Arnold-Martindale

Toast is just a normal man trying to live his life in peace, but just can’t seem to get a break. He literally can’t decide what to do next. His life is constantly being pulled back and forth between two narrators hungry for power. What’s worse is that his kleptomaniac friend won’t leave his shiny objects alone! He decides—well, he goes on an adventure for whatever reasons the Narrators have, but at the same time he attempts to regain his free will. His future is uncertain at best, and he only hopes that things will work out for him.

Director: Victoria Ricciardelli
Stage Manager: Perushka Gopalkista
Lighting Designer: Cameron A. Macdonald
Actors: Mary Sword, Isabella Tedesco, Arthica Kumarakesary, and Jake Nevins

Play it by Hear.jpg

Play By Hear by Celeste Cormier 

Meet Amy, a young girl who is deaf. As the play progresses she learns that as much as she wants to live normally, she is deaf. She’s going to have to deal with that as best she can. She has to accept it. To try harder. She still wants to earn her keep, but she knows only she can make that happen. Failed grades, rude people and her grandmother pressuring her to get cochlear implants push her to snap. After a little while she resolves that yes, she is deaf, but she won’t let that keep her from success.

Director: Jordan Gray
Stage Manager: Joelle Garneau
Actors: Sammy Muhlig, Heather Glenn, Serita Fudlosid, Matthew Adams, Seth Thompson, and Mackenzie Langdon


Calypso eh? by Conor Bradshaw and Priya gopalkista

"Calypso eh?" is about a young woman exploring her passion. Feeling that she is constantly misunderstood by people and her family, she longs for another escape: the mystical and mysterious Madam Calypso... However, it must come with a price. This is a movement and storytelling piece, written by Conor Bradshaw as well as co-written and performed by Priyanka Gopalkista.

Director: Conor Bradshaw
Stage Manager: Cam Watson
Actor: Priyanka Gopalkista

Playwrights Lament.jpg

Playwrights Lament by pascale malenfant 

In a last-ditch attempt to write something worth producing, a playwright brings forward their subconscious to act out a series of realistically absurd and questionably progressive scenes, leading them onto a path of borderline Freudian self-discovery.

Director: Natasha Kruse
Assistant Director: Dula Deb
Stage Manager: Hannah Draper
Actors: Célia Fournier-Cantin, Nathan Campbell, and Emily Ramsdale 

Olive and Ryan.jpg

Olive and Ryan by Katherine Gibson and Taylor Taniguchi 

In a world where every citizen is equipped with a microchip, a company, Associate Apparatus, designed an app that forces someone to be your best friend.  The story begins when fourteen-year-old Ryan uses this product on a girl named Olive. She becomes defective, with a mind of her own and a sinister smiling man comes to investigate the problem.  How far will she go to free her brain from the control of others?

Director: Carrie Anthony
Stage Manager: Sophie McIntosh
Lighting Designer: Cameron A. Macdonald
Actors: Zayd Bille, Janani Suthan, Laura Bourbonnais, and Josh Carroll